Enjoy a Home Cinema Experience with Sky

September 26, 2023 0 Comments

However,Enjoy a Home Cinema Experience with Sky Articles a trip to the flicks can quickly add up to an expensive day or evening out. With the average cinema ticket priced at around eight Euros, a family of four can easily spend over thirty pounds just on the tickets.Of course, ticket sales isn’t the way that the cinemas make their money. Tempting snacks, drinks and ice-creams call to us as we queue for our movie, pulling us in with delicious smells and leaving us subjected to the pester power of our kids. Before we know it another twenty Euros is spent on overpriced popcorn and fizzy drinks.For less than the price of your snacks at the cinema, you can add the movies pack to your Sky Ireland package, enabling you and your family to watch great value movies whenever the mood takes you.Plus, when you use a Sky voucher code from 5hop5.ie you’ll enjoy even better savings on fantastic Sky packages.You can also forget about squabbles with regards to what you watch.

The Sky movies pack includes twelve fantastic channels, from Disney Cinemagic to Sky Movies Premiere, so everyone gets to choose a fantastic movie that’s right up their street.Those who love to laugh will be tickled by the Sky Movies Comedy channel, where you’ll find all the best rib-ticklers. There’s a saying that the couple who laugh together, stay together, and you can enjoy lots of laughs together watching films like Get Him To The Greek, Date Night and American Pie: The Wedding.If the kids are off school then the Sky Movies Family channel will keep them occupied. From Harry Potter to The Karate Kid, there’s plenty of action, laughter and fun for the kids on Sky. On Sunday afternoons when Grandma’s round, why not treat her to the classic movies of her era? She can enjoy Hitchcock greats such as Charade and The Trouble with Harry, and the kids can get in on the action with some great family classics such as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Treasure Island.

Frazzled mums will love nothing better than settling down for an evening with a rom com on Sky Drama and Romance, preferably accompanied by a large glass of wine and a box of soft centres. However, they may have to wrestle frazzled Dads for the remote when they see the fast paced action going on over on the Action and Adventure channel.Maybe a compromise does nick mohammed play the violin could be made when they see the range of fantastic movies on the Crime and Thriller channel. Sherlock Holmes is a great thriller that the whole family can enjoy, whereas some are strictly adults only.Those who like to experience chills as well as thrills are sure to enjoy the Sci-Fi and Horror movie channel. Fabulous family sci-fi films such as Transformers, X-Men and the Hulk, sit alongside not for the faint of heart horrors such as the Saw films, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a ‘fright level’ to suit.Of course, to fully recreate that cinema experience, only the latest releases will do. This is where the fabulous Sky Premiere channel comes into its own. Enjoy the latest movies, from thrillers and chillers, to firm family favourites and fantastic comedies, if it’s new and it’s good then you’ll find it on the Sky Premiere Movie channel.There’s no better way to spend time with your loved ones than snuggling up in front of a great movie.

Family films are perfect for the light evenings when the kids want to stay up a little later, or when they’re on holiday from school and need something to occupy them while you get on with some daily jobs.When it comes to grown up time, enjoy some peace and relax in front of a good film. Whether you’re in the mood for some harmless comedy, or something to really get you thinking, Sky Movies has it all.You can bring the magic of the cinema to your front room for a month, for less than the cost of one cinema trip. With a Sky discount code from 5hop5.ie a movies package could cost you even less, so what are you waiting for? Treat your household to the latest movies 24/7, and you can enjoy a cinema style treat every day.